Privacy Policy

ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou) and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively called "ZWSOFT", "us" or "we") are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement provides the information practices of ZWSOFT and choices that you can make regarding the use of ZWSOFT to identify your information ("Personal Data"). If you are in the European Union ("EU"), please pay special attention to the information about EU users in section 4.

This Privacy Statement relates to the use of information gathered through any of our website assets (collectively, "Websites") or our software or maintenance products (collectively, "Products") by ZWSOFT. We will only collect and use the information described herein. We will not sell your data to any third parties.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement, you can contact our Data Privacy Officer at

1. Data Involved; Purpose of Data Processing

Depending on how you interact with us, we process different types of data in different ways. In general, if you visit our Websites or use our Products, some data will be processed automatically, while other data will be processed only when you submit it to us actively (for example, you use our web forms to contact us or upload it to our Websites).

The data to be processed when you visit our Websites:

Even if you only visit one of our Websites, your computer or device will automatically send technical information to our web servers that we store in log files, including the following “Website Usage Data”:

• Date, time, and duration of visit;
• The IP address of your device and your internet service provider (ISP);
• The referral/exit URL;
• Subsites visited through our Websites;
• Clickstream data; and
• Date, time, and duration of visit;
• Information about your device (device type, browser type and version, as well as settings, installed plug-ins, operating system).

We process the Website Usage Data to allow you to browse the Website and to ensure its functionality. We also process the Website Usage Data to analyze the Website’s performance, to constantly improve the Website and correct errors, to ensure the IT security and operability of our system, also to prevent or detect abuse. We will further process this data in aggregation or pseudonym to analyze trends, manage Websites, track users’ activities around the Websites, and to collect the demographic information about our users or to improve our marketing campaigns (including the provision of personalized and interest-based ads) as well as our users’ experience and guaranteeing the safety of our IT system.

To process Website Usage Data, we use cookies and similar technologies. Click here to review our Cookie Notice.

Data we process when you use our Products:

ZWSOFT will process Personal Data when you install and register our Products. You are required to provide some "Product Registration Data" when installing our Products. Although only email address is mandatory for registration, you may be requested to submit additional information, including:

• Your name
• Countries
• Phone number
• State
• City
• Industry
• Time you are willing to make the purchase
• Interested Module
• Language

We use Product Installation Data and Product Registration Data to record your product license (that is to certify and regularly verify the licensing rights of products for anti-piracy purposes) and to provide support or maintenance services for you. We will also use such information to provide in-product messaging with information about products, functions or services provided by ZWSOFT.

We will collect information on the way you use our Products after installation and registration. For the specific "Product Usage Data", currently, it varies among different Products, which may include the following information:

• Operating system
• OpenGL graphics environment
• Graphics Card
• Screenshot of crash

We process the Product Usage Data to facilitate, evaluate and verify your use of our products and services. We will also use the Product Usage Data for our own internal statistics and analysis, and to assess and enhance the user experience through the identification of customer preferences and analysis of data corruption.

Data we process only if you submit it to us:

When you interact with us via our Websites or Products, you can submit your Personal Data to us in various situations, including:

Download Data: When you are downloading Products from our Websites, we will collect the data for email/direct mail marketing. Although it is mandatory to submit the email address and country, you may also be requested to submit other information, including:

• Your name
• Company name
• Email
• Country
• Phone number

However, they are not mandatory, so you can choose not to fill them in. These data will only be used for the statistical purpose of improving our Website experience. We will use the email to sent you product download links or upgrading, new product, promotion information or special offer and other notices upon your permission.

Survey Data: We may survey our products and services from time to time. It is optional to participate in our surveys. However, if you respond to one of our surveys, you may provide us with your personal information. We will only use the information to determine the type of Products that you may be interested in and to operate and improve our Products unless you otherwise consent.

Email/Direct Mail Marketing Data: From time to time, we may contact our customers directly via mail, email or telephone to inform you of upgrades, new products, promotions, or special offers that you have shown interested in (including our newsletters). However, we will not contact you with any business correspondence unrelated to the Products you purchased from us until you have agreed to receive it in advance. When replying to one of the advertisements, you have the option to provide us with personal information that we will use for the specific purpose. As for how to change the account communication preferences, see Section 4 below.

Special Cooperation Plan: We may cooperate with another company to provide you with unique products or services (a "Cooperation Plan"). Our use of your Personal Data is limited to the specific cooperation plan that you have joined or chosen to use, and we will disclose the specific Personal Data we will share and the purpose to you before sharing them with our partner.

Business Contact or Sales Prospects Data: If you are a business contact or salesman that has shared your Personal Data with us, we will store your data in our database to follow up on our business conversations, provide you with more information about our Products, or assist you with purchasing our Products. We may also share your personal information with the sales representatives of our local branches or distributors so that they can assist you to meet any demand for our Products.

2. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

We handle your Personal Data carefully and confidentially and will only pass it to a third party within the scope described below and not beyond. We do not share, sell, rent, or trade Personal Data with third parties for any promotional purposes. If our branches, dealers or service providers process Personal Data, they will only operate under our instructions and promise to strictly abide by the contractual requirements about your data security (including, but not limited to, complying with this Privacy Statement).

Affiliates: ZWSOFT is a global company with subsidiaries around the world, including the United States and China (containing Hong Kong). In the daily course of our business, we share data with our subsidiaries. For example, if one of our agents contacts you on our behalf, this data will be shared with the relevant ZWSOFT subsidiary, such as ZWCAD Software America, Inc. in the USA. For the address of our local branches, please visit

Service Providers: ZWSOFT will deliver the data to service providers to provide our Websites and markets with our Products. This includes parties that provide us with third-party Cookies, tracking tools, and services that assist us in processing transactions, including handling the distribution of orders, providing customer support, managing customer relationship (e.g., Eteams), hosting the Websites (such as Softlayer service), collecting, storing or deleting your information, or performing statistical analysis of our Websites (such as Google Analytics). We will occasionally share the Personal Data with independent auditors representing us for anti-piracy or revenue accounting purposes related to the internal operations of our business.

Business Transactions: If ZWSOFT is merged or combined with another company, or another company acquires all or a part of our assets that has been stated in this Privacy Statement, your information may likely be included in the assets transferred. In this case, you will be notified in advance of changes in the ownership or the usage of Personal Data through email or outstanding notices on our Websites as well as any action you can take toward your personal information (if applicable, including your right to object such transfer).

Public Institutions: Although we will make every effort to protect user privacy, we may need to disclose some personal information required by laws. For example, when we believe that it is essential to disclose such information according to the current judicial procedure, court orders, or litigation or other legal process or action (whether or not initiated by ZWSOFT) in order to protect the rights, property or safety of ZWSOFT, our users or the third party. We will only be legally obligated to transmit data to public authorities such as law enforcement agencies or tax authorities when they request to do so.

Promotional Offers: As a registered user of ZWSOFT, ZWSOFT may provide you with special offers of our Products or services that you are interested in from third parties.

3. Reviewing and Requesting to Change Your Information

EU users: please refer to Section 4 below for your statutory rights under the GDPR

As requested, ZWSOFT will make a reasonable effort to inform you whether we hold any of your personal information. Customers can update, delete, access, or change their account information by editing their user, group or team records. Open the email we send you and click “Update your profile” to update your customer profile. We will respond to any requests for access to personal information within 30 days of receiving such requests.

If you have registered to receive marketing emails from ZWSOFT, you can follow the above procedures to refuse future marketing emails.

4. EU resident information

The data controller shall be ZWCAD SOFTWARE CO., LTD., 32nd floor, Zhujiang City, No. 15, West Zhujiang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. For any privacy-related question, please contact directly.

Legally, you do not need to provide ZWSOFT with the Personal Data described in this Privacy Statement. In addition, the contractual relationship you conclude with us by purchasing our Products does not imply an obligation to provide your Personal Data. However, if you do not provide us with certain data or object to the use of them, you may not be able to fully enjoy our services.

The legal Basis for Processing the Data

We will process your Personal Data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a legal framework for the standardization of data protection within the EU. ZWSOFT shall mainly process data as a controller, for the purposes described in Section 1 and 2, which represent our legitimate interest in Article 6 (1) f) of the GDPR. At the same time, some Personal Data processed are necessary for us to enter into a contract or to take measures in accordance with your requirements before signing the contract. For example, if you want to purchase one of our Products, such as filling out the online form, we will process the submitted Personal Data to meet your requirements. It may include sharing your Personal Data with one of our authorized distributors, and then they will use your Personal Data to complete the purchase transaction. In addition, we are legally obligated to provide certain information to criminal prosecution or tax authorities in some cases as required. In these circumstances, we may take the legal requirement of Article 6(1) c) of GDPR or the public interest reason of Article 6(1) e) of GDPR as the legal basis.

Transmit Data to Areas outside the EU or the EEA

ZWSOFT operates mainly in China, which is the "Third Country" under the GDPR. Third Countries are widely considered unable to provide the data protection at the level same as the EU. However, ZWSOFT will provide you adequate level of protection as in these countries.

We guarantee that our service providers shall be certified according to the EU–U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and all Personal Data from the EU members shall be processed in line with the Privacy Shield Framework or we have entered into a contract with these states to provide an adequate level of protection for your data in strict accordance with the contract provisions.

User Profiles

We will use your data for "Profiling". This means that we use your data to help us serve you, understand how users use our Websites, products and to provide and enhance your user experience. However, we will never process and analyze your Personal Data in the context of Profiling in a way that would lead to an automated decision legally binding upon you, or that would significantly impair you similarly.

Your right to process your Personal Data

As a natural person, you have certain rights of the “Data Subject”. According to the GDPR, you can claim for the following rights:

• Your right to information and access under Article 15 GDPR,
• Your right to correction under Article 16 GDPR,
• Your right to erasure under Article 17 GDPR,
• Your right to restriction of processing under Article 18 GDPR, and
• Your right to data transferability under Article 20 GDPR.

In addition, according to Article 77 of GDPR, you will have the right to reject the competent data protection supervisory authority but only limited to the data processing conducted by ourselves, as the controller in our own name. If ZWSOFT acts as a third-party data processor, this right must be claimed with reference to the entity acting as the controller.

Information about your Right of Objection under Article 21 of the GDPR

(1) The right of Opposition in some cases

In addition to the above-mentioned rights, you shall have the right to object to processing your personal data at any time depending on your specific situation, which is processed according to Article 6(1) e) (public interest data processing) and 6 (1) f) of the GDPR (data processing based on interests balance); this also applies to the analysis based on this provision within the context of Article 4 (4) of the GDPR. If you disagree, we will not process your personal data unless we can prove that it is far more than your interests, rights, and freedom or helpful for maintenance, exercise or defend legal claims. Otherwise, please note that if the processing is terminated due to your objection, the Websites or Products may not be applicable to you or may be used limitedly.

(2) The right to oppose processing data for advertising purposes

You also have the right to oppose processing your personal data for direct marketing, including subscribing to our newsletters or personalized advertising; it also applies to analysis as long as it is relevant to such direct marketing. In this case, we will no longer process your Personal Data.

Any objection can be freely proposed and sent to

(3) Collect Information from Children

ZWSOFT's Websites shall not be applicable to children under 16 years old. We will not collect any information from users under 16 years intentionally. If the parents or guardians find their children have provided Personal Data to ZWSOFT or we are found inadvertently collected this information, please contact us via, so that we can immediately delete the information from our servers.

(4) Change

ZWSOFT reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement. We will provide a notification of the significant change to this Privacy Statement through our Websites at least 30 days prior to the change taking effect.